Dated: September 6, 2018

Next week, we’ll be recording and uploading our seventh episode, “Female Business Owners: The Benefits, Pitfalls and Struggles Women Face When Running Their Own Business.”

The episode will feature our podcast’s very first guest, Angie Bonin, of Angelina Rose Photography!

Kate’s been a huge pan of Angie’s photography since Angie first opened her studio. She captures so many beautiful, candid moments, and sets up some amazing composition for her wedding couples! If you’re lucky enough to hire her for your special day, you will have some of the most incredible photographs you could have ever dreamt of!

Anyway, Angie will join Kate next Tuesday to discuss what it’s like to be a woman running her own business. Angie has been running a very successful wedding photography studio for a number of years now, and Kate, as you may already know, used to run her own criminal defense law firm in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for five years.

They’re going to discuss what it’s like to be/have been a small business owner.

More specifically, they’ll be discussing how being a woman typically impacts one’s willingness to quote your worth; methods they’ve developed to learn not cave in when people beg you for help or a lower price, as well as other issues.

They’ll also talk about how age can factor in to establishing respect and credibility in your field; how operating a business in a saturated market can force you to establish a more unique business model; the hustle involved in owning and operating a business, including the hours and hours required to market your business, both in networking opportunities as well as on social media platforms; and how we, as female business owners, can help support one another and guide new business owners into their own paths to success.

We hope you’ll tune in for this very special and important episode!

And as always, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment or send us a message as to what else you might like discussed in the episode, or suggestions for future episodes. You can reach us via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, or Tumblr.

And make sure you check out Angie’s incredible portfolio here!

’Til next week, dear listeners!


Nikki and Kate


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Check Out Episode 5 of Our Podcast, “Self-Hate and Female Rivalry”

Hi again, everyone!

While half of our dynamic duo is still on her hiatus (during which time, she’ll be creating and starting her own online nutrition-based education/coaching system – Go, Nikki!), the other half, Kate, is here to give you our fifth podcast episode, “Self-Hate and Female Rivalry.”

This podcast episode focuses on how we, as the female gender/sex, are taught to aspire to a particular body image and ideal weight, and the damage that we do to our own bodies and lifespans by pursing those ideals in an unhealthy way.

The episode also details the competitive and destructive nature of the female psyche when it comes to interacting with other women, whether it’s about hitting certain milestones “first,” being the very best mom/homemaker/spouse, being a superior female because you’re a working professional (as compared to a stay-at-home mom), and even between other women in your profession.

Kate spends the hour detailing how destructive these methods can be, not only to the women we direct our negative energy towards, but also to ourselves.

We need to be kinder and more loving, not only towards others, but towards ourselves. There’s no unlimited amount of happiness out there. We can all succeed without tearing one another down. Let’s lift each other up, and become better role models for the next generation of women/females out there.

As always, we hope you’ll enjoy this episode of the podcast, just as we hope that you’ll stay tuned for the next one. We’re still planning to ask some pretty awesome guest co-hosts to come in for the next few episodes, so make sure you’re following us via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, or Tumblr to keep up with us! Remember – our episodes are also available to stream on iTunes and Google Play.

We’d love to continue receiving your feedback as to past episodes, as well as suggestions for upcoming episodes. Feel free to hit us up via social media, or by sending us an email at

Stay well, friends, and remember – be kind to each other, and to yourself!

Me at PSU home meet

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