Check out Episode 6 of our Podcast, “Division of Labor and Responsibilities in Relationships”

Welcome back, dear listeners!

And welcome back to Nikki, who has returned from her hiatus to rejoin Kate in our podcast, “Hammer Time with Nikki and Kate”!

Today’s episode focuses on how couples divide up the household, financial and/or parenting responsibilities, and what emotions/expectations may bubble up from that division.

We talk about how single parents deal with handling all of it on their own, and how teaching their kids to become more self-sufficient can help lighten the load a bit. We discuss households where one partner is the primary breadwinner and the other handles the child-rearing and/or household duties; where both partners are working; where one is disabled and the other is able-bodied, and how in every relationship, you need to be appreciative and sensitive to the other partner’s feelings.

While we do not proclaim to be any kind of relationship experts, we love sharing our thoughts and experiences with you, our dear listeners, in the hopes that you can relate to some of our stories and thoughts, and can feel comfort in the fact that we all need to continue to take account of our own feelings, as well as the feelings of those in our lives.

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